Nov 24, 2010

Harry Potter was freaking awesome =))

am waiting for part 2...

Part one of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows :
is centred around the three friends, Harry, Ron and Hermoine,
as they escape from the evil Lord Voldemort whilst simultaneously working out a way to destroy him.
After Professor Dumbledore’s untimely death at the end of the last film the gang must now track down and destroy the ‘Horcruxes’ – the secret to Voldemort’s immortality.
They are not alone though.
Whilst the acting of the three child ‘prodigies’ still leaves a little to be desired,
it’s the talent of the star-studded supporting cast that holds it all together.

Hermoine using her magic to protect themselves.

Harry, Ron and Hermoine

guess what are going to happen!

p/s : thanx sayang=) i do love red!

Nov 16, 2010

have a blessed eid adha ya everyone ♥

salam eidul adha everyone
seperti setiap tahun dan mcm biasa..
Mak masak rendang daging + ayam masak merah + lemang + nasi impit
plus petang ni nak buat soto kot..
(semua pon masak mcm raya puase kn.haha)

almaklumla family kami family yg besar..
so klau masak2 lg la rase mcm raye kn.
even cuti satu hari cuma!!cehhh..

p/s: picca upload dari google images suda...memang malas la kn nk transfer gambar bagai.hehe.